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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Girls Share The Horrible Things Guys Have Done To Them #Romance #

Hey guys. I spoke to five of my female friends last week and asked them to share the worst thing a guy has done to them and what i heard sent shivers down my spine. Honestly, I didn't expect a guy to stoop so low in order to score cheap points with a girl. These guys do not deserve to be called men at all. If their old man found out what they did, he'll hang his head in shame and cry himself to death. For the purpose of privacy, I changed the names here in this article. So here we go..

I began dating this guy called James in 2011. I was head over heels for him and for a moment I thought I had found my soul mate. We did everything you can possibly imagine together.Then, one day, he asked for my unclad pictures and I foolishly sent them to him thinking it was no big deal after all we were madly in love with each other. Fast forward to 2014 after over 2 years of dating, the love we shared waned and our conversations became boring and monotonous. Then, I knew it was time to move on. I politely broke up with him one Wednesday evening. He wasn't cool with it and began calling me names and ranted over the phone till I couldn't take it anymore. I stopped taking his calls and replying his chats. A month later, this sick bastard called James uploaded the unclad pics I sent to him over two years ago on facebook with a message saying I'm a prostitute looking for customers online. My world crumbled that day. I slumped into a terrible bout of depression for weeks with suicidal thoughts crossing my mind everyday. Facebook took down the image that same day but it was too late... the deed was done. I cursed him sha.. he'll never find happiness in life till he apologises to me.


It happened when I was in SS2. Philip was in SS3 and was the social prefect of the school. He was the typical bad boy with sagging trousers, a crazy haircut and an arrogant attitude. He asked me out twice but i turned him down on both occassions. The third time, I said yes because I found his persistence amazing. We were the power couple of the school, admired by everyone except for a few girls who wished they were in my shoes. We dated for two weeks and I know I was a good girlfriend to Philip as I helped him copy some of his notes and we made out twice. Then, on Friday, during the social night, Philip mounted the stage and said,'Everyone listen up. I want to use this opportunity to officially break up with Precious. Precious, it is over between us!' His classmates cheered him and the whole school joined them. I wished the ground would open and swallow me. I didn't even know when tears rolled down my cheeks and before I knew it, I was sobbing uncontrollably. I was used by a worthless piece of poo but I've forgiven him tho.


There was this guy that I rejected cos I think he's a total jerk without a future. He took the rejection personally and started a malicious rumour that I'm a lesbian and I change my undies once a week. It ruined my reputation because almost all my classmates believed the nasty rumour. I have a thick skin to rumours but this one broke me to pieces and left me sorrowful. Slowly and steadily, I'm building my reputation. It's not easy as a lot of people still believe I'm a lesbian. Na them sabi.


Williams and I were taking a stroll along Agip road one Friday evening with our fingers laced together. I was enjoying this stroll as we were having a deep conversation about our future. Then, out of the blue, a tall and handsome dude walked passed us and I didn't know when I called him hot and sexy. I don't know whether it was a punch or a slap Williams gave me but I lost the ability to hear in my left ear. All eyes were focused on us. I could feel their eyes boring a hole through my belly. Beads of sweat formed all over me. Williams started begging profusely and I couldn't stop my self from bursting into tears. I walked away and I don't regret leaving the woman beater.


In 2014, I began dating Paul. He was the perfect dude with a great face, a great body, soothing voice and a sense of humor. No wonder I fell for him. All was well till he paid me a visit one day but he met only my sister because I went out. I think he knew I wasn't going to be at home. Things happened that day. My sister told me what happened and apologised frantically saying she was seduced by Paul. I don't blame her at all cos Paul is a smooth talker. That evening, I confronted the guy and he told me to go to HELL and I lost faith in men that day. The relationship with my sister is now strained and awkward because of that fool.

So guys, there you have it. These five boys have trampled on our cherished manly values and are no more fit to be called men. We'll just sit back and let Karma do her thing.

Have a lovely day and keep being the man your dad always wanted you to be. Cheers!!!

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