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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Hilarious Statements Made By Criminals In Nigerian Police Custody #Crime #

Arguably, some say the Nigerian Police is not as efficient as their counterparts in developed countries, I still wonder how they make even the most ruthless criminal to wet his pants when apprehended. I think those guys deserve some credits for the incredible way they turn wicked criminals to comedians during interrogations. Below are few of the hilarious confessions of those criminals in fear of men of the Nigerian Police Force:

1. If I'm allowed to go now, I will never rob again in my life grin

2. I was the only nice one in our gang. I have never killed before, I often fight my gang members telling them that what we are doing is not good. grin

3. I am ready to tell you anything you want to know. grin What if the officer wanted to know the velocity of the moon round the sun?

4. My mummy is hypertensive and must not hear that I am a robber. If she sees this on TV, she'll die...

5. I already planned to stop after this last operation not knowing that I would be caught. Officer please help me!!!

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