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    Monday, 25 April 2016

    Question Of The Day:- Your Wife Or Your Mum, Who Would You Buy A Car For First?

    This is definitely gonna be a heated conversation…
    Someone threw this Question at me and I must confess to you all, Am truly confused.
    Your Mum is an important woman in my life, I have promised to put smile on her face no matter the Condition, Car is a good thing, as it will help her move around easily…
    Your Wife is the No. 2 Most important woman in your Life, The Woman who confirmed you’re a Man and save you from extinction… Getting her a car is a wonderful thing to do, It will save her from stress and gives her rest of mind.
    Now, Lets say you can only afford to buy just one car as at that period for either your Mum or Wife..
    Who Would You Buy A Car For First?
    We are all here to learn and catch fun, Tell us who you will buy a car for first and kindly state your reason why you think your mum or you wife should be the first.
    Drop your Comments.

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