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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Saraki's Trial Spells Doom For Tinubu # Politics #

Saraki approached a federal high court to stop his trial before the CCT citing the acquittal of Bola Tinubu by the same court for the same offence and on the same technical grounds of arraignment by the CCB and EFCC joint investigators.

The federal high Court rightfully threw out saraki's motion and pronounced that Tinubu's acquittal was an error by the CCT tribunal hearing his case.

What this means is that Tinubu's acquittal no longer stands and as such he can be rearriagned for the same offence all over again.

The possibility of Tinubu facing similar fate like saraki in the near future is thus inevitable.

I foresee either Buhari using the same CCT trial to check Tinubu when they inevitably fall out or a scenario when this boko govt is kicked out in 2019, Tinubu will surely face the CCT.

Tinubu in your blind silly ambitious rage to control the Senate you have shot yourself in the foot by opening up a can of worms.

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