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    Saturday, 7 May 2016

    Isreali Man Sues God, Asks The Almighty GOD To Stop Interfering In His Life

    An Israeli man named David Shoshan has filed a restraining order against God, saying he does not want the Almighty to answer his prayers, the Times of Israel reports.
    Shoshan told the court, Tuesday, in Haifa, that over the last three years, God had been very negative towards him, demanding that He should stop interfering in his life.
    The presiding judge, Ahsan Canaan, however threw out Shoshan’s request and called it absurd. The judge asked that Shoshan should get help from someone besides local law enforcement.
    According to an Israeli news website reports, NGR, court documents noted that God did not present himself at the hearing, NRG.
    Noting that he has unsuccessfully tried numerous times to obtain the restraining order through the police department, Shoshan explained that that was why he decided to proceed to court.

    Source: Dailypost.
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