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    Thursday, 16 June 2016

    LIl’ Kesh Reveals How Tough Childhood Shaped His Music Career

    Popular musician, Keshino Ololade, also known as Lil’ Kesh, has revealed that his way of life growing up affected his kind of music.
    The singer claimed that he grew up as a church boy owing to the fact that his father is a pastor and also lived a good part of his life in a room and palour and all these have helped to fashion his kind of music.
    ”My dad is a pastor, he has a church of his own. I was more of a church boy growing up, sometimes i play the drum set. I grew up around music, i was in the choir. I even wrote songs in the church,” he claimed.
    ”I like to keep it real, I did not grow up in a flat. I grew up in a room and palour, from one room to one room and palour. I was in the hood. I was in Bariga, Bariga is like the pecan of London. I grew up in the hood basically. I just stay true to what I am. I cant come and tell you about how I lived a good life when i was young when i did not live a luxurious life. It was more of struggle growing up. I don’t know how to fake it. My music would relay back to what I know best. everybody likes razz, even the razz people like razz, even the posh people who live in Lekki be forming razz.”

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