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    Thursday, 16 June 2016

    Unclad Robber Stuck On Rooftop Of The House He Burgled (Photos)

    In a video gone viral on South African social media, community members were seen heckling an unclad man they accuse of attempting to commit a house robbery.
    The accused fled to a rooftop after he was stripped of his clothes and beaten. He basically let’s “propeller” all hang out on the rooftop.
    Jeff Wicks reports the man fled to the rooftop after community members – mostly students – attacked the man with sticks and golf clubs.
    An eyewitness said the man was spotted during an attempted house burglary. He tried to make an escape by scaling a wall topped with razor wire.
    Home owner Wayne Grundy said he had been in Pinetown when he heard about the drama playing out at the property that lets to students.
    “From what I know this chap was accused of robbing a property next to mine. Apparently he was trying to nick a laptop.”

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