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    Friday, 13 January 2017

    GBESE!!! Hublot Wristwatch Meant For Cristiano Ronaldo Was Stolen At FIFA Best Awards

    Six expensive Hublot wristwatches meant for Cristiano Ronaldo and five other winners at the FIFA Best Awards went missing before the ceremony started.
    The six Hublot Big Bang watches, worth around £10,000 each were to be presented to winners at the FIFA Best Awards which happened on Monday, January 9 in Zurich.
    According to reports, the watches got missing somewhere between the FIFA headquarters and the Zurich TV studios where the event was being staged.
    “We are looking into what happened to the watches. They went missing somewhere,” A FIFA spokesman is quoted to say by Daily Mail.
    FIFA were saved from further embarrassment by Hublot who quickly provided another range of watches at the last minute to be handed to winners including Ronaldo and Claudio Ranieri.

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