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    Monday, 23 January 2017

    Helpful!! Read Six Ways Road Accidents Can Be Reduced In Nigeria (Must Read)

    The way traffic accidents are increasing in Nigeria is getting alarming ,the funny thing is that most of it can be avoided .The question is what can we do about it?
    1.Fix The Bad Roads
    This is more than obvious ,the bad roads have to be fixed .Huge pot holes are still visible on some major roads .To reduce accidents ,first the government has to get the roads fixed .
    2.Traffic Lights
    Its so sad that some major areas in Lagos for example ,don’t still have traffic lights in round-abouts and junctions.When the traffic lights are there,some of them don’t even work.To prevent accidents traffic lights need to work and using them have to be enforced.A lot of folks skip traffic lights and are not penalized for it ,because there is no adequate monitoring system (cameras) .

    3.Truck Restrictions
    Out of every 10 accidents about 6 are linked to trucks and tankers .Trucks and tankers should be restricted to move only at night .It would drastically reduce accidents on the road.
    4.Use Of Trains
    Trains are more safer according to statistics,the possibility of a train getting involved an accident is very low.Trains should be used especially for flammable substances.I think they should also be used to transport livestock,I am tired of seeing cows loose their lives .I know there is inadequate railway channels to accommodate this plans ,so adequate railway system should be put in place as well.
    5.Restriction Of Herdsmen
    This dudes just do any how and in some major roads , they come out from nowhere with their cows .There are cases where it has caused accidents.If there are restrictions on certain roads(especially major roads) it would help.
    6.Imposing Maintenance
    I know this sounds crazy ,but what if maintenance on a regular basis is imposed ,it would drastically reduce the rate of accidents .To make it more effective ,there should be a steep fine for defaulters .
    7.Speed Limiters
    I think speed limiters would also help a lot especially in Danfo buses .
    Add yours and share!!
    Written by AutojoshNg

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