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    Wednesday, 4 January 2017

    Surrender Now: President Buhari Warns Shekau

    President Muhammadu Buhari has warned Abukabar Shekau, Boko Haram leader, to surrender now or face imminent disaster.
    President Buhari also advised Nigerians to be security-conscious following the sack of terrorists from their Sambisa Forest stronghold, as they become desperate for survival.
    Speaking through his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina, the president also said the military has not been able to capture Shekau or win the anti-insurgency war completely as desired, because “this is a symmetric war. If it were to be conventional war, once the enemies are overpowered, they will surrender and you win the battle.
    “But in asymmetric war, there will still be pocket of strikes here and there until you are able to exterminate the remnants of those behind them.”
    Over 20,000 Nigerians have been killed since the insurgency started in 2009 and the President would not want anybody to become victims of those blood-thirsty terrorists again.
    On what government was doing to allay people’s fear and guarantee security of lives and property, Adesina noted that there were a lot of intelligence gathering and other security issues the government would not want to divulge to the public for security reasons.
    He assured that the right actions are being taken to completely finish the terrorists and their leaders.

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