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    Wednesday, 20 June 2018

    Lagosians lament, beg Ambode to fix Ojuelegba bridge

    Some Lagosians on Wednesday called on the governor of Lagos state, Akinwunmi Ambode to proffer solution to the debilitating state of Ojuelgaba bridge.
    This follows the accident recorded on Tuesday evening which led to the death of two persons.
    DAILY POST reports that a truck carrying plywood fell on three commercial buses and a private car under the bridge. 
    Reacting to the latest incident, Lagosians on social media called on the government to reconstruct the bridge, noting that such accidents have been recorded in the past.
    According to them, more accidents are bound to happen if nothing is done about the bridge and trucks that ply that axis.
    Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST:
    @Laughsmoses “Governor AkinwunmiAmbode the work you are doing in Lagos is too superb than mere Ojuelegba bridge should be claiming the life of Lagosian. Please see to it urgently sir.”
    @Michael_adejobi “It means it is not about God but about the government to do something to prevent such in other not to happen again.”
    @biolakazeem “Just seeing that a container fell off that Ojuelegba bridge again. So sad that lives are lost & families shattered for something so avoidable.The real tragedy of Nigeria is that it has happened before, it has happened now and sadly, it will happen again and nothing will happen.”
    @Yinkanubi “A container falling off a bridge can be considered a Freak accident/an unfortunate event. But a container falling off the same bridge within 3 years is not an unfortunate incident, IT IS NEGLIGENCE. it should never have happened again.”
    @Nijaactivist “Dear @AkinwunmiAmbode is it until calamity befall your household before you people enforce no movement without a strap for all these dead looking trucks. Do we need to champion this cause again? #RIP to the dead.
    “We can’t blame past governments when we have already seen twice this accident happened this year. Are you saying Ambode can’t enforce a law in a state he govern ?
    @Kenadejumoh “This is failure on the part of government’s inability to enforce fastening of the containers to the trucks. @FRSCNigeria @PoliceNG this is a task to chase on the road to ensure compliance, not innocent law abiding private cars owners who hustle to pay tax/bills.”
    @JuveFanNigeria “This Ojuelegba container falling is becoming a predictable disaster that can be avoided since day one. People remember two, I can remember many cos I grew up in that area. The government should do something. Maybe a net to cover the sides that’s strong enough to hold vehicles. ”
    @Hisroyaldopenex “R.I.P to those who lost their lives in Ojuelegba yesterday. We’re so used to hearing bad news in this country it seems normal now. No more public outcry. The Politicians only care about themselves. I’m sure nothing would be done about that bridge until another tragedy.”

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